Homesick already?

Today was one of those perfect winter days here in Amsterdam, shining blue skies and a crisp tang of cold in the air and I had a moment of ‘pre-nostalgia’ cycling through the Oosterpark when I realised that this was going to be my last day like this for quite a while. Just three more days to go! And it wasn’t until I got home again that I remembered I should have taken a photo and then I could have used it here – need to get into the habit of taking photos – so instead I’ve put a photo of Port Meadow which was taken on a similarly beautiful winter day  – Christmas day in fact – the year before last. Not very relevant but very beautiful. No shortage of blue skies in Mandalay of course … but not quite the same.

And I also had a pang when I looked at my totally cleared up desk at work today. My last day! There’s something sad about an empty desk I think. Such a large expanse of white. And I felt extra sad realising how much I’ll miss my lovely colleagues, who had left a goodbye card with messages from everyone and a specially composed Myanmar phrasebook … with lots of vocabulary for shopping. Thank goodness for retail therapy. Good to know there’ll be lots of shops where I’m going.

Had intended to write about the Myanmar language but that will have to wait till next time. This is all for now.




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